Air mixers
The air mixers regulate the intensity of the air in the jets: adjustment is manual by turning the knob provided on whirlpool systems.

The Airpool system reproduces the natural massage effect of thermal springs known as “geysers”.
A blower forces air into the water through a minimum of 14 valves located in the bottom of the tub: this reproduces a natural geyser effect and the resulting body massage is soft and gentle, as it is distributed from the bottom through the entire volume of water.

A surface that is not smooth and so prevents slipping.

New automatic system which controls the filling of the tub. AQUAsense controls automatically the filling of the tub ut to a level for a never ending wellness, but limiting the use of water resources. Activate AQUAsense, turn the water on and then everything proceeds without you dedicating time and attention to it. The tub fills automatically to the level required and, at the end, a beep informs you that your hydromassage bath is ready.

An electric blower that introduces air into the tub for airpool hydromassage.

Capacitive control panel
This control panel in MyTime next shower boxes (serigraphed behind the glass) permits to activate the functions by lightly touching the corresponding symbol

Control panels
This is the name of the digital start, control and programme selection devices supplied with Albatros tubs and shower boxes.

A compound material consisting mostly of mineral fillers bound with small percentages of resins.
Because of its characteristics, this material is: of fine quality: high quality surface finish
invariable over the years and easy to repair
hygienic, pleasant to the touch, impermeable and retains its shape.

Cyclical massage
A sinusoidal programme that consists of a cyclical massage with automatic variations in intensity: minimum, medium, maximum, medium, minimum …

The purpose of the disinfection system is to eliminate bacterial flora from the pipes, jets and pump, which cannot be reached by normal external cleaning.
Two disinfection systems are available: Professional, which is fully automatic and operates with the tub empty, System Clean, which operates with the tub full.

The ECO button, present on Albatros Niwa Minispa control panel, allows to select the economic mode to mantain the water temperature through low Energy consumption.

This is the name of the exclusive jets in Albatros tubs; they are made of plastic material that does not rust, is non-toxic and is fully insulating. The jets are self-draining, can be adjusted for direction, can be closed and are fitted with an automatic shut-off system that prevents backflow.

These are Albatros jets, fitted in shower boxes, which simultaneously deliver three filiform jets of water for a focused massage. Their direction is adjustable and they are fitted with an anti-scale device.

This button, present on Albatros Niwa Minispa control panel, allows to program the water sanification, that is, a filtering every 12 hours whose duration is set by the end user

Nei box e colonne doccia sono così chiamate le bocchette esclusive di Albatros che emettono contemporaneamente tre getti d’acqua filiformi, per un massaggio focalizzato. Sono orientabili e provvisti di dispositivo anticalcare.


Installation in the centre of the room or in a position away from all walls.

Heater A device that enables the water in the tub to be kept at a constant temperature while the hydromassage functions are being used.

Hydromassage is the massage action performed by water. Albatros offers three hydromassage systems, in which the power and virtues of water are combined with those of air.
In the whirlpool system, water is taken from the tub by a motor-driven pump and mixed with air, generating a powerful flow that is emitted through the special jets.
In the airpool system, the jets of micronized air which are expelled through the bottom of the tub provide a gentle massage and can be mixed with ozone-treated air.
The turbopool system combines the whirlpool and airpool systems, creating a doubly invigorating and beneficial massage: Ozone Therapy.
In addition, there is also the Bioproject system. .

The jets are the points which physically provide the massage function by emitting a flow of water, or water mixed with air.
They are always in plastic material and can be manually adjusted in all directions and also closed. There are various models depending on the effects offered by the type of tub and shower selected.

Massage that promotes circulation of the lymphatic system, from the peripheral areas to the central areas of the body (towards the heart). Consists of a massage that is concentrated first in the foot/calf area, then in the leg/lumbar area and finally in the dorsal area.

Level sensor
This is a safety device that will not allow the hydromassage system to operate until the water has reached the correct level.

Rotating jets for foot and dorsal massage.

Nebulizing jet
Jets used in som shower boxes. The micronized water (nebulizing effect) gives an extremely delicate sensation.

Niche installation is with the tub or shower box recessed/encased between 2 walls.
Programma sinusoidale che consiste in un massaggio ciclico con variazione automatica di intensità: minimo, massimo, medio, minimo...

Over tub screen
Glass panel that can be installed on some design bathtubs’ models. Acts as barrier to water splashes and steam.

Ozone is an “alternative” form of oxygen, generated when oxygen is subjected to specific temperature and pressure conditions. In nature, ozone derives from normal molecules of oxygen as a result of reactions which require a large amount of heat. In the same way, in the airpool system, the electric “blower” converts oxygen into ozone and mixes it with the air which is expelled through the bottom of the tub, creating a further beneficial effect: ozone therapy. (See OZONE THERAPY) .

Panels suitable for covering
Panels suitable for Design Line tubs which can be covered with materials of your choice, for maximum personalisation.

Professional disinfection system
An automatic disinfection system that is activated by a special control, with the tub empty. The water is drawn directly from the mains water supply, is mixed with liquid disinfectant and circulated through the entire hydromassage system; it is then discharged into the tub and drains out through the waste outlet.

This operation, which lasts about 1 minute, is followed by a second, identical operation, but with pure water for rinsing

Pulsed Massage
A massage that consists of oscillating On-Off operation of the airpool massage function. With the special control panel, three different pulse frequencies can be obtained.

This is the exclusive Albatros massage jet fitted in shower boxes. A finely balanced, rotating half sphere converts the jet of water into a wide, spiralling swirl that massages the body in a vigorous and alternating way.

These are the jets made by Albatros in plastic material that does not corrode, is non-toxic and is also a good insulator. The jets are self-draining, adjustable for direction, can be closed and are equipped with an automatic shut-off system that prevents any backflow.

Modular staves in similteak characterise the appearance and feel of CubeZone products; they are used for covering the equipped wall and footboards. This is a fine quality material that is resistant to fading and staining, and is easy to maintain and clean. It also has the advantage of being non-slip.

Steam dispenser
Supply valve for delivery of steam, fitted as standard in shower boxes with Turkish bath.

System Clean disinfection system
An automatic cleaning system that is activated with the tub full of water, into which the disinfectant liquid is injected directly by the hydromassage pump. The cycle takes about 2 minutes.

A soft material used for some cushion models. Transparency is one of its valuable characteristics. It is available in various colours.

Thermic cover
Said cover is needed to protect Minispa installed outdoor and i salso helpful to keep the water temperature

Toughened glass
Glass that is particularly brilliant and very tough. It is also considered to be a safety glass since, as well as being stronger than non-toughened glass, if it does break it tends to shatter into small, blunt pieces that are not dangerous.

Turkish bath
A hot (average temperature, about 45°C) and humid (90-95% humidity) steam bath that opens up the pores, cleanses the skin and detoxifies.

Underwater spotlight
Projects light inside the tub and makes the water luminous, creating a magical atmosphere.

Materiale morbido che viene utilizzato per alcuni modelli di cuscino. La trasparenza è una delle sue pregevoli caratteristiche. E' disponibile in diversi colori.

White velvet, a refined material that is opaque yet smooth to the touch like the velvet. Whive is hypoallergenic, non-toxic and very easy to clean, guaranteeing a high standard of hygiene.