Care-free cleaning

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To increase the value of your hydromassage over time.

Forget the old-style tubs: keeping an Albatros hydromassage tub clean is fast and easy, it only takes a moment.
There are three main operations which, apart from keeping the product looking good, keep your model in perfect working order.

Daily Clean: to be done after using the tub.
Use a non-corrosive liquid detergent specifically for delicate surfaces. Simply rinse with plenty of water.

Weekly Clean: for more thorough cleansing.
After having washed the tub with liquid detergent, dry it with a soft cloth which will help to remove all types of residue. For more radical cleaning, simply use classic cleaning products which do not contain alcohols or ammonia, generally used for cleaning smooth surfaces in the home.
To remove lime scale, use traditional methods: rub the tub with a soft cloth soaked in lemon juice or vinegar.

Hydraulic Clean: for in-depth cleaning of the tub, right down to the pipes and jet outlets.
In very hard water areas especially, the hydromassage tub system must be periodically subjected to in-depth cleaning to remove lime scale residue from the pipes and jet outlets.
Your Albatros tub can be fitted with an efficient disinfection system (Professional or System Clean) which, with specific disinfectant products, can reach even the most difficult areas such as the pump and inside of the pipes.  
The operation is automatic and only takes a few minutes.

Products made in WhiVe™ and Natural Stone, although they might seem more delicate, require little maintenance. Simply use the sponge provided or any sponge containing citric acid; wet it, rub it on the part to be cleaned and rinse immediately.

Care-free cleaning
Care-free cleaning