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  • Each to his own

    Each to his own

    Taking a bath is a moment for switching off and relaxing, but also the opportunity for a well-being session, to be selected and enjoyed to the full.
  • A pleasurable bathing experience

    A pleasurable bathing experience

    You’ve had a hard day. You want to relax, wash away all your problems and worries. You’ve decided to have a relaxing bath and you don’t want anything to spoil your small corner of paradise.
  • Care-free cleaning

    Care-free cleaning

    Forget the old-style tubs: keeping an Albatros hydromassage tub clean is fast and easy, it only takes a moment.
  • Guaranteed quality

    Guaranteed quality

    Getting to know Albatros hydromassage: a true moment of pleasure.
  • A vitalizing bath

    A vitalizing bath

    Like every self-respecting treatment for well-being hydromassage also has its secrets. Little “tricks of the trade”, so as to be able to gain maximum benefit right from your very first dip in your tub.