A rush of energy

The excitement of the rinse on your skin.

You've abandoned yourself to the pleasure of the steam.
You've chosen to stimulate your circulation by massaging it with a horsehair glove and now, having purified your skin with a pumice stone, you're ready to rediscover the advantages of running water.

The shower that accompanies the Turkish bath is like a regenerating waterfall that transmits energy to the entire body. A light shower of rain, whose temperature and duration you can adjust according to the effect you want to achieve.

There are many possibilities and above all benefits that you can obtain:

purifying effect, with a cold shower between 15-25°C lasting one minute
soothing effect, with a warm shower between 32-36°C for 6-7 minutes
anti-fatigue effect, with a hot shower at 38-40°C for a maximum of 4 minutes

Once you've finished rinsing, snuggle into a soft dressing gown and lie down to perceive, little by little, the sensation of being reborn,
You'll probably continue to sweat, because the steam bath has effects that persist, even after the end of a session. That's why it's important to replace the mineral salts lost by drinking a lot: water, herb teas, fresh vegetable and fruit juices are the best way of ending your beauty treatment.

A rush of energy
A rush of energy