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Domino and the evolution of the wellness made in Italy.

Albatros came into being in 1982 as expression of Domino srl, the company located in Spilimbergo, in that area of Friuli that has seen the creation and development of Italian-made whirlpool baths.

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Cube zone

An evolutionary leap in the world of wellness.
Bathtubs and shower boxes are no longer elements installed in the bathroom as single units – now they are integrated and related to their living space.

Wellness Tubs

Immersion in well-being
Every tub in this line is the fulfilment of a dream for daily, happy moments of sheer self-indulgence. Functions and forms create your personal oasis of total well-being, in which mind, body and soul find intense and harmonious union.

Shower boxes

Beyond the shower
No longer just a simple shower, but an intimate and personal space that includes the very best technology for recharging both body and mind through the invigorating elements of nature: water, perfumes, colours, sounds.

Cube shower boxes

catalogue icon 155×100 VP corner version

L 155 cm
W 100 cm
H 220 cm

155×100 MS/ST corner version

L 155 cm
W 100 cm
H 210 cm

155×100 MS/ST wall version

L 155 cm
W 100 cm
H 210 cm

Albatros Spa


A place dedicated to personal time, a true luxury in contemporary living.


Albatros center is the best till date I have experienced in past few months. They know hospitality very well. Even the spa & massage is extremely soothing. Rates are also pretty reasonable.​
Fantastic as always. Just love it!
Adam CheiseDesigner
Adam Cheise
They are just the best!
Floyd StallerCo-Founder
Floyd Staller

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